OGI Optics Courses

We teach the following optics courses at OGI:

Biomedical Optics Series

Steven L. Jacques (jacquess@ohsu.edu), Scott A. Prahl (scott.prahl@oit.edu)

The 3-quarter series of 4-credit courses provides a foundation in physics and mathematics for engineers to design optical instrumentation for biomedical applications.

ECE 532 Biomedical Optics I, 4 credits

Tissue Optics

link to ECE 532

1. Radiometry

2. Wave Theory

3. Optical Properties

4. Transport: Monte Carlo simulations

5. Transport: analytic expressions

ECE 533 Biomedical Optics II, 4 credits

Laser-Tissue Interactions

link to ECE 533

1. Photoconversion

2. Thermal interactions

3. Laser ablation

4. Photomechanical interactions

5. Photochemical interactions

ECE 534 Biomedical Optics III, 4 credits

Protocol/Device Design

link to ECE 534

1. Optical fiber spectroscopy

2. Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

3. Breast tumor imager

4. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

5. Photoacoustic imaging

ECE 529 Fiber Optics, 4 credits

Steven L. Jacques (jacquess@ohsu.edu), Scott A. Prahl (scott.prahl@oit.edu)

This 4-credit course introduces the basics of optical fibers for engineers using fibers in the communication industry and in optical sensing applications.

ECE 529 Fiber Optics, 4 credits

Fiber Optics

link to ECE 529

1. Ray optics

2-3. E&M description of light propagation

4-5. Fiber waveguides

6-7. Transmission characteristics of fibers

8. Preparing and testing optical fibers

9-10. Fiber sensors

Optical phantoms


A growing glossary of biomedical optics terms. Don't get too excited yet.

Scattering Demo

A little milk scattering demo put together by Martin Ostermeyer and Steve Jacques.

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